Step 14: Completing the Doll and Reborn Clothing

Once you have weighted the doll, it is time to attach the arms and head back to the body to finish the whole thing up. And when we’ll be done with this too, we will see how to dress your baby with some custom reborn clothing.

What You Will Need

For this step, the list of supplies needed is quite minimal:

  • Poly pellets or glass beads
  • Polyfill fabric or cotton wool
  • Cable ties

Attaching the Arms

First, we will start with the arms. Once you have weighted the vinyl arms, it is time to attach them to the doe suede body. To do that, first place some polyfill fabric or cotton wool inside the arm or shoulder flap of the doe suede body, then add in one cup of poly pellets or glass beads. You should make sure that there is just enough room left to insert the vinyl painted arm. Next, place another layer of polyfill fabric or cotton wool to seal it up and make it “leakproof”. Just see that the arm does not look too overfilled.

Once you’re done with that, place the vinyl doll arm in the shoulder joint and push the cotton bulging out from the sides back so that nothing sticks out. Then, slowly tighten the cable tie from the outside until the entire arm is locked inside the shoulder joint. This will close the area down but still allow the arm to move or rotate. There should be nothing sticking out once the shoulder joint is closed down. Everything looks good? OK, then cut the cable tie while only leaving one inch free. Smoothen its edge out and then stick it back into the flap where it comes from so that it is hidden from view.

With the legs, it’s not more complicated than that, just go through the same steps if you use a full body suit. However, for three quarter or quarter body suits, you will need to fill in more poly pellets or glass beads to properly weigh the joints. To do this, use layers of polyfill fabric or cotton wool with one cup of pellets in between so that the weight is evenly distributed. Otherwise, the legs will look rather odd with some bulky and narrow parts here and there. Your target with the legs and arm joints, as with everything when speaking of reborn parts, should be to make them look natural. So, if it looks weird, change it; if it doesn’t, leave it like that.

Attaching the Head

For attaching the head, you have to be very careful because the neck region can leak poly pellets quite easily if you’re not very precise with your moves. For this area, first fill in some polyfill fabric or cotton wool and then take a stocking. As described in the previous article, fill the stocking up with adequate beads or pellets and then push this inside the neck joint. Place another layer of cotton wool on top to secure it into place. Insert the neck plate of the doll head inside the top joint and push any cotton coming out from the sides down with the back end of a paintbrush.

Then, slowly tighten the cable tie so that the neck finds itself firmly attached to the joint. As with the arms and legs, tighten the cable tie and snip it off leaving just a small end that you will hide away by pushing it back into the flaps.

Personalize Your Doll with Reborn Clothing

Step 14: Completing the Doll and Reborn Clothing A lot could be said about reborn clothing as it’s one of the best ways to give some personality to your baby. From the choice of color to the actual garments you will use, they will all play a role in giving your reborn a unique appearance.

What’s so great about reborns, contrary to other types of dolls which are smaller, is that they’re the exact same size and weight as real babies. Which means that you can just go shopping for your reborn as you would your real son or daughter! Go to your favorite baby store and start browsing the alleys. Personally, I just love to go shopping during the sales period. I’ve found so many great looking sleep sets and bodysuits through the years…

Another option, if you’re into tailoring, is just to create your reborn clothing yourself. Get the sewing machine out of the box, as well as the patterns and scissors, and start creating!