Reborn Photography: Preparing Your Baby Dolls for Sale

Once you are all done painting and assembling your reborn doll, it’s time to put it out on the market. After all, what good is it to make reborn dolls if it is to let them sit in your hobby racks? You most probably want your creation to be adopted by a parent who will take good care of her and who will give her all the love she deserves.
So, it is vital to understand the effort that goes into preparing your baby dolls for sale. Understand that taking the photo in itself is only a small part of that effort; there are many other points that you have to take into account. For instance, creating a scenario or a setting in which to photograph your reborn creations, deciding on which props to use, and so on.

The Tools You Will Need

To take good pictures of your doll that will make it shine and present it in the best light, you need:

  • Obviously, a good digital camera
  • Some props to deck your reborn doll with
  • Some place where to put your doll
  • Lights to illuminate the doll
  • Photoshop or some other editing software


The Camera

Preparing Your Baby Dolls for Sale Many reborn artists use DSLRs for their photo shoots because those types of camera give the most flexibility in terms of being able to tinker with the photos. If you are thinking about purchasing a camera specifically for your doll creations, then you need not necessarily break the bank and buy yourself a DSLR. As long as you get a hybrid camera that is not in the starting range of P&S cameras (Point and Shoot), you should be good. If it allows you to play around with the focal length, the aperture and so on, then you’ll be able to create amazing pictures.

The Props

The props include everything from baby toys to the equipment that is necessary for their care. It could be a pram, a bed, towels, a bathtub, fluff toys, whatever you can think of. In fact, here, your imagination will be your best weapon. So use it. Look around your house to see what could be used to enhance your scene, whether in the background or right on your baby. Just make sure that you find a good bed or cradle as this will be one of the most central pieces in your pictures.


An illuminated photo shoot will make your pictures stand out and look more professional. Just like pro photographers, you should get a couple of high-powered lights and two low-powered reflector lights. Place the high-powered lights in such a manner as to have them tower over the photo session area from the front. And at the back, put the two small reflector lights that will flash along with the camera for a realistic picture.

Photoshop Software

Getting a sale is all about conveying as much positive feelings through your photographs as possible. Ultimately, buyers over the Internet will view the pictures and make up their mind based on those pics alone. So, your photos have to be perfect. That’s why you need Photoshop or another graphics editing software to erase any blemish and make them spotless. If you have no idea how to go about retouching a photo or you don’t have the budget to buy Photoshop, you can still go on Fiverr and get someone to do the job for you, for a mere $5.

Photographing like a Real Pro

Instead of guiding you through a proper photography session, I will just give you some tips that I use and that you can put into practice in your next photo shoot to make your reborn babies for sale stand out like they should:

  • Think up a theme beforehand – Be it a walk through the park, a water bath in the tub or just the idea of a baby cradled up in her rocker, decide beforehand what you will portray so that you can make all the necessary preparations before the photo session starts
  • Take inspiration from fellow reborners – As reborning develops, the Internet is getting overflowed with reborn artists wanting to show off their creations. Without copying directly from them, you could see what they are doing and what they are not to guide your photo shoots. That way, you will get plenty of creative ideas. To become a master reborner yourself, you will first have to draw your inspiration from the work of others before you can finally invent on your own.
  • Take a professional photography course – Obviously, the best way to learn photography is to take some classes. This might be expensive but, in the long run, it will help you tremendously in marketing your reborn dolls. Think about it like an investment in your art that could pay huge dividends.
  • Do not forget the description – Now, when you’ll be displaying those pictures, whether it be on eBay or some other site, you should create a comprehensive and enticing description for your pictures. Something that is not too tacky but that will also be warm and caring. It should highlight the best aspects of your baby and hide away any potential shortcuts you may have taken in creating the baby

Now that you know all about photographing your baby dolls for sale, go out there and let the world know about your creations!