Reborn Doll Parts – Why, Where and How to Buy

The “Reborn Doll” phenomenon took flight in the 90s as a method of making dolls seem true-to-life. The process of Reborning a doll, in a nutshell, involves stripping factory-made dolls down to their basics, and then re-painting them, fixing hair, stuffing, weighing etc. When Reborning became popular, kits and doll parts for Reborning dolls became available, which are also called as ‘Newborning’, since the parts in question are brand new, and are custom-made, rather than being part of a factory-made doll.

The Main Steps Involved in the Process Are:

Reborn Doll Parts – Why, Where and How to Buy 1) Reborn doll kits and doll parts are unpainted and made of silicone or vinyl. With these kits you can get to creating Reborn dolls right away. The first step is to wash all the doll parts thoroughly and then to let them dry completely.

2) Veins are painted wherever desired with thin layers of paint. Usually Genesis Heat Set paints are used

3) Find a baking tray and line it with a towel. Place all the doll parts in it. Bake the doll parts with veins to between 260 to 265 degrees F for 8 to 10 minutes.

4) Allow doll parts to cool before painting the flesh colored paint on the body, again using Genesis paints. Color every crease, blush all the right parts, paint and carefully manicure the nails, mottle the skin, paint the lips, eyelids, soles; basically do everything you need to, to make the doll look realistic. Apply the paint in very thin layers. Bake the doll parts after every application.

5) Glue in the eyes. Open up the nostrils carefully. Root the hair into the scalp using rooting tool and felt needles. Don’t forget to root the eyelashes! Mohair is usually used for hair rooting for Reborn dolls. Once the hair is rooted, apply glue to inside of the skull. Dampen the hair and then let it dry. Style to taste!

6) The limbs and head are now stuffed with pantyhose filled with beads, or bags of sand glass or Polyfill. Follow your doll kit directions to get the perfect weight and feel.

7) Now assemble all the doll parts.

8) Dress up the doll in diapers or other baby clothes.

9) Create a birth certificate, and add personal accessories like pacifiers, hairclips, jewelry, toys etc. to your Reborn doll.

It typically takes around 8-10 layers of paint to achieve the right look. Hair rooting too is a skill that must be practiced with the right set of tools, especially micro-rooting which typically takes days to complete.

With so much time and effort and skill required for creating a Reborn baby, it is imperative that the doll kit or doll parts that you buy are of good quality. Here is a list of doll parts and tolls that you ought to have to successfully create a Reborn doll.
1) Bodies and Limbs
Stomach and Belly Plates
Fillings, Glass beads, Glass sand, Tenderflex Baby Fat etc.

2) Eyes and Hair
Glass or Polymer eyes

3) Paints
Genesis Heat Set
Thinners, Sealers, Varnish, Glues

4) Tools
Micro rooting needles
Tweezers, Hemostats
Inking needles
Saliva Bubble making tools
Brushes and Wipes
Convection Oven

5) Accessories
Artificial heartbeat and breathing contraptions
Magnetic pacifiers
Baby clothes, jewelery, toys
Baby perfume
Certificate of Birth/Authenticity etc.

Apart from the above listed individual doll parts, you can buy complete Reborn doll kits. Some variants of these Reborn doll kits are as listed under.

Starter Reborn Kits
Ethnic Reborn Kits
Toddler Reborn Kits

Where and How to Purchase Doll Parts for Reborning?

Reborn Doll Parts – Why, Where and How to Buy As listed above, you can either individually purchase head, arms, legs etc. or you can purchase an entire kit. For starters, it is recommended that they purchase a kit, because they will ship with all the items and tools required for Reborning. Once you have figured out the entire process, you can order individual reborn doll parts to create Reborn Dolls that are individually customized. A doll making kit from a reputed company should typically cost around $150 or so.

eBay can be your one-stop-shop for all kinds of reborn doll parts and doll kits. Paints and brushes are available for as little as $3 and you can get kits for as little as $60. Every conceivable kind of doll part in every color, shape and size is available in eBay stores.

Ordering Reborn doll parts and doll kits online is the easiest way to lay your hands on supplies. Just enter your credit card credentials, and you will be on your way in no time. Of course, it pays to buy only from reputed suppliers or trusted sites such as eBay.

Creating Reborn Dolls using Reborn Doll Parts is a time-consuming hobby, but since every Reborn Doll is almost an individual in itself and possesses its own charm, the entire process is very satisfying. Hopefully this article will have given you some tips on why, how and where to buy doll parts to get going with creating your own Reborn Doll!