Promote Your Reborn Nursery with a Blog

If you’ve been reborning for any length of time, you must be aware that, even though creating the baby dolls is the fun (although tedious at times) part, this shouldn’t represent your only task. Stopping right when you’re finished with one doll to start working on another will not do you any good. You can’t let your reborns sit in your workshop. You need a way to show them to the world, to promote them so that they get exposure and have a chance at finding the perfect mother to care for and adopt them.

In order to advertise your reborn nursery and help its name spread throughout the reborn enthusiasts’ community, there are many tools and tricks at your disposal, such as becoming a regular at reborn forums or counting on word-of-mouth to do its job and bring in the customers. But the best way to go about building your reputation is still to create a blog or website.
That’s what I’ll help you with today.

How to Create a Website for Your Reborn Nursery

Promote Your Reborn Nursery with a Blog First of all, congratulations and good luck to you if you’ve decided to take your passion to the next level by building up a storefront for your creations. It’s going to take a little bit of work but, if you apply the next tips, I guarantee you will get a professional looking site that will go a long way in bringing you clients and developing a following.
But before we see exactly how to make that site, we need to decide whether we will go for a free solution or a “paying” one.

Pros and Cons of Free Sites

In the world of webhosting, there are two big categories which are: free and self-hosted. The first type of sites, as the name implies, will not cost you a cent, while the second will need you to get both a domain (around $10 per year) as well as a host (add another $6 per month).

The question that usually follows is: why go for self-hosting and pay up to $80 annually when you can get a blog for free? Well, self-hosted domains have many advantages over free sites, of which owning your site is not the least. One of the problems with free hosting is that, even though you create the blog and put your content on its pages, it will never truly become your property. The company behind the hosting can, at any time, take your blog away and you’ll be left with nothing but a ruined business and a lot of wasted hours. Whereas, with self-hosted solutions, you are the real owner and you can do whatever you please with your site without risking losing it. You are in total control.
Another argument in favor of self-hosted sites is that they give you total control and autonomy.
To get your domain, I suggest you go for either:

As for the webhost:

With that being said, if you prefer to try out a free solution first, here are the 3 blogging platforms that I recommend: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr.
Just register an account with them, choose a name of domain, and you’re good to go. One nice thing about them – I have to admit – is that they all have tutorials to guide you through the creation process. So that’s another plus they have going for them on top of being free.

Registering Your Domain & Setting Up Your Site

OK, so you’ve chosen to invest in your business and go the “paid” route? The next item on your to-do list will be to obtain a domain. First, you want to decide on the name you will take. The best option will often be to simply choose If you want to make sure that it’s still available, you can check the URL on this site: Domize

Once you’ve registered your domain, it’s time to start building that site and get your reborn nursery some visibility. One of the best moves you could make, for starters, would be to install WordPress on your site. That way, you will get all the benefits of the platform (i.e. the possibility to add functions without having to write a single line of code), while keeping the ownership. It’s the easiest way to build a website for non tech savvy people.

Promote Your Reborn Nursery with a Blog If you have some drawing talent, you can create yourself a nice header to illustrate your site and then pick a theme to go with it. There are a lot of free themes to choose from, directly from your WordPress admin panel. Play around with the different settings to both familiarize yourself with the way WordPress works and also to reach the look you have in mind.

One of the things I like most about WP is that you have access to a whole lot of diverse plug-ins. I suggest you install Akismet and Contact Form 7 as a minimum. These will help your site staying spam free and allow you to receive messages from your visitors. Other plug-ins of interest: All In One SEO, Google XML Sitemaps (which will both play a role in getting your site ranked on the search engines). Don’t hesitate to check out all the free plug-ins that are available to see how they could improve your site and make it more user-friendly. From slide shows to Facebook integration, they can enrich your site in a thousand different ways.

Additional Tips

Answer this question: according to you, what makes a site interesting? What is it that makes it different from the rest and have people coming back to it? In one word: content. That’s why you want to put a lot of content on your pages, be it articles, pictures or videos, to both educate your visitors and entertain them.
For good balance, do not just write long texts with no illustrations or post hundreds of pictures without a single sentence. Alternate between words and photos. And try and get new content posted on a regular basis to keep the site fresh and current.

Put up pictures of that new reborn baby girl you just finished or write about the difficulties you encountered when you tried rooting your first lock of hair. Share it all with your visitors. If possible, you’ll also want to interact with them as much as possible, to have them participate in polls or give their opinions. That’s how you’ll truly differentiate your reborn nursery from all the others out there.
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Last Words

As we’ve seen, it’s not really that hard to get a site up and running. What will take more time is to fine-tune its look and feel. But that too will come eventually. Just keep building your pages day after day, updating them with each new baby doll that you reborn, and you’ll see that you’ll have people coming in to adopt your dolls in no time.
To put all the chances on your side, though, I would strongly suggest you check out my other articles on marketing your reborns, so you can learn how to get even more people to see your work.

If you have any question, you can contact me via the Contact Us form or leave a message below and I’ll get back to you.