Neutralizing Your Custom Reborn Dolls with Air Dry Paints

Having removed the layer of paints using your favorite paint stripper, you will find the doll too pinkish/orange in color. Now, you have to reduce that texture before anything else. The way to achieve this involves applying a layer of green or turquoise paint, depending on what you use. In this article, instead of the Genesis brand we usually favor, we will be using Air Dry Paints from Real Effect with our custom reborn dolls. Described below is the process you have to follow to do it like a pro and achieve the desired result.

Preparing the Paint Mixture

Neutralizing Your Custom Reborn Dolls with Air Dry Paints As mentioned before, you will need some turquoise paint from Real Effect, along with matt varnish and distilled water. The water will act as the base into which the paint and varnish will be mixed together. The varnish is necessary to help the air dry paint stick to the vinyl surface of the doll. Now, the trick here is to be careful in mixing in only a very small amount of turquoise paint into around 1 oz. of water. Take a little bit of paint, using a small mixing brush, and slowly mix it into the water in a large bowl. Continue adding a small quantity of paint until it turns translucent but light green in color. Then, you can add in double the amount of matt varnish and mix it all together. This will become your solution to “fix” the pinkish tone on your doll.

Applying the Paint Mixture to the Doll

Now, to apply your new concoction to your doll, you will require three different brushes. You will need a one inch mop brush, a half inch real fix brush and a small mop brush. To begin with, start with the one inch mop brush and graciously apply the thin watery greenish paint over the doll surface. Always apply the green paint on each part separately.

Neutralizing Your Custom Reborn Dolls with Air Dry Paints Next, take the half inch real fix brush and smudge it onto the doll surface so as to evenly spread out the excess paint. By doing this, you will effectively remove excess paint from creases and also spread out the paint evenly on the entire surface. The resulting finish will be uniform. Once you find that the surface is drying up and the shiny watery texture is fading away, take the tiny mop brush and smudge it onto the eyes, nose, ear and hard to reach areas. Be sure to touch up the insides of the eye sockets and also the nose openings, behind the ears, and so on. Once you’re done, observe how the color has already started to pale out from the other doll pieces. Hang this out to let it dry completely.

How Many Layers for Your Custom Reborn Dolls?

While a single layer of our mixture usually suffices to remove excessive pink from custom reborn dolls, sometimes you will have to go at it two or three times. This is to completely remove the pinkish tinge and thus prepare it for a darker complexion. This will depend on the brand and type of doll you’re using and what you expect to make from it too.