Market Your Realistic Baby Dolls with Facebook

You’ve been devoting weeks, months, if not years to developing your reborning skills… You’ve learned all about rooting mohair, painting every part of your reborn and making it look as living as the real thing. You’re now ready to start selling your creations, but there’s a glitch. How do you go about finding buyers? Do you just go on eBay or any other similar site, put together a quick auction and pray that somebody finds it and bids on your doll? Not the best way to go about it, if you ask me.

What you need is a plan, a strategy to put all the chances on your side and make sure that your realistic baby dolls sell. The best plan, ideally, will be multilayered, so as to reach as many reborn enthusiasts as possible. If you’ve been following our previous tips, you should now have a working website that’s already bringing in some visitors. That’s a good start, but not enough…

In this article, we will address another technique to add to your arsenal that will further expand the visibility of your reborn nursery and get visitors coming in: creating a Facebook page for your website. One of the best kept secrets to generating nice traffic and help your babies find the mother they rightfully deserve is to engage people through social networks.

Creating a Reborn Facebook Page

Market Your Realistic Baby Dolls with Facebook For this article, we will assume that you’re already familiar with Facebook and its environment, so we’ll delve right into the creation process without further ado. If you want some pointers first and have never used the social platform, you might want to check out this link first.

Nuts and Bolts

Alright, to create a page, it’s no rocket science. First, you will need to have an account that’s already active (as you can’t have a page without a regular account first) and the page you create for your site will be directly linked to it. Before you start worrying, let me reassure you that it does not mean that people will see you as the creator of the page though. If you value your privacy or have reasons for wanting to stay in the “shadows”, nobody will be able to trace the ownership to you if you don’t want to.

With that being said, just go to the bottom of your Facebook page, while logged in, and look for the “Create a Page” button. Click on it and start filling in the form with the required information. Once you’re done, it’s time to build it up. A blank page with no content is as welcoming to your visitors as an empty house. So, make sure to make it look alive and entertaining.

First, link back to your website. In your description, give some info about yourself and your nursery; tell people for how long you’ve been into reborning, etc. If you can, I strongly suggest you add pictures of your creations. Put up photo albums of all your reborns, to share those beautiful babies with your visitors. Another nice addition to a page would be tips that you grabbed along the way so as to make your viewers benefit from them. All in all, try to keep the page pretty and “active”.

Promotion Tactics

Get Your Acquaintances Involved

The next step, once you have created your Facebook page is simply, just as for your website, to increase its visibility. To start generating some traffic and getting those oh so important LIKES (“likes” are the lifeblood of a fan page; they’re one of the best indications of your success as, if your page is interesting and people find it engaging, the “likes” will spread and maybe even make your page go viral), the first tip is to email the URL to your contacts. Tell them you’ve just created a page and you’d like them to check it out.

If only a couple of your contacts “like” the page, it will show up in on their Facebook history and all their friends, in turn, will be exposed to your page. This easy method can create a snowball effect that could very well shoot your page up to the stars.

Get Out Your Wallet

If sending emails to your friends is nice for a start, unfortunately, it will generally not suffice in and out of itself. You need to expand your arsenal with more techniques.
One way would be to go for paying ads. You know the saying: it takes money to make money. But before you go ahead and start advertising on Facebook, one word of caution: always start small as you can burn through A LOT of money if you’re not careful. Set a low daily budget so you’ll be sure that your campaigns stop once you’ve reached that amount.

If you decide to go down that road, I suggest you use the following method which has brought me the best results:
Every FB ad is made up of 3 extremely important elements: a title, a text and a picture. Even though you have some room to maneuver and let your creative spirits flow, don’t make the same mistake as most people and use up all the characters that are allowed. You only have 1 second to capture the attention of your viewers. So make that second count. Don’t confuse your potential visitors with a big block of text that no one will read anyway.

You want to use as few words as possible (1 or 2 lines is best). That’s also why you’ll want to use an image that packs a punch. You need to make sure that as soon as people see your title, text and picture, they will be attracted to them and be inclined to click. Use bright colors.

On a side note, it would also be very beneficial for you (and your results) to start different campaigns at the same time so as to test the ones which fare the best and optimize your CTR (click through rate). A whole article could be written on A/B testing… So, for more info on the subject, I suggest you just Google the term.

Contests, Etc.

Market Your Realistic Baby Dolls with Facebook If you want to have success, whether it be with your site or your Facebook page, just remember that the most important element is to engage your visitors. You need to start building a relationship if you want them to come back and start sharing your site with others.

So make your page as interactive as possible. Ask people questions, create polls to see their feelings about certain things. And, one of my favorite, run a contest to reward their loyalty. Offer your visitors the chance to win a small reborn when they subscribe to your newsletter or “LIKE” your page.
People are always up for some free gift… especially when it’s a reborn baby doll!


If you have your website already set up, creating a Facebook page to promote your nursery is a nice way to reach the next level and start building your traffic. You can rely on paid ads to get the ball rolling and get your base, however it’s not compulsory. All you really need is the passion for your realistic baby dolls. But if you’re reading this article and you’ve already invested a lot of your time in this art, I’m not worried the least for you.

Just keep going, building your site/page day by day, and you’ll see that the rest will take care of itself.