Learn How to Better Market Reborns for Sale

Every day, eBay witnesses the sale of many reborn dolls and, yet, most reborn artists find it hard to get their products to sell. The reason is simple: not everyone is a born marketer or knows exactly what it takes to promote products on eBay or elsewhere. Everyone believes that simply landing up on the top of all advertisements will get you the sale. There is plenty more to it than just that.

Learn How to Better Market Reborns for Sale For starters, not everyone will be interested in a reborn doll that is priced high; you have to make the allure of purchasing it so that someone will get remotely interested. Yes, many do not bother searching deep into the pages but, then, there are people looking for the best quality work who do delve into the search results until the last item on the list. The seven tips we discuss here are meant for people who want to get the most out of their reborns for sale, not people looking for a fast buck who have no real respect for their work

7 Tips to Make a Killing with Reborns for Sale on eBay

Understand How eBay Works

If you have ever purchased something on eBay before, then you will understand what it means to get into a bidding war. This is the tension that you have to create in your bidders to get a good price quote. When there are a lot of buyers, the tension is high and so will be the final price. When there are limited buyers, you seldom end up getting the price that you wanted in the first place. So, if you haven’t done it yet, get familiar with how the buying mechanism operates on eBay. Use it as an excuse to buy yourself a thing or two. *winks, winks*

Use Photographs to Attract Buyers

This is the most important element in the whole list. If you can’t get a picture, you might as well not put your reborns for sale auction up. Simple as that. You know, without a photograph, your bidders will not know whether they can trust you or not. Hence, take as many pictures as you can from different angles and elevations. This will showcase your creation in full and enable your doll to get the interest it deserves. Use different outfits and accessories on the doll, use themes to take pictures and provide a full range of photographs that are finished with the highest quality for eBay. Good photos often ensure a good price.

Write the Description with Flair

Always make sure to include any question your potential buyers could ask in the description you create for your reborn dolls. Understand what things a buyer is interested in and write them down clearly. Also, try and make your descriptions distinctive from others. When buyers read a description that is bland and with no personality, they tend to switch off from the product even if it is of the highest quality. It is your description that will decide whether you achieve success with your reborns for sale or not. Moreover, the number of buyers depends heavily on what you write. Simply put in what you did and you might end up with people who want a cheap doll.

Explain why one should bid for something that you created, be persuasive by telling them about the quality of the products you used, the years of experience you have in the craft, the unique features of your doll, and you may get more bidders lining up.

Take Care of the Layout

Learn How to Better Market Reborns for Sale How you create the sales page also matters. Have you ever landed on a page that was so ugly that you immediately pushed the back button? Don’t let that happen to your auction page.
You see, the kind of design you choose and the fonts you will use all play into the eBay auction scene. Note that great looking pages tend to garner more reaction from bidders than pages that have “amateur” written all over them. Try to experiment with designs and layouts until you feel that your reborns for sale page looks professional and alluring. If you want, you can also get auction templates that will provide you with professional designs in a matter of seconds. Just get on Google and type in “eBay auction templates”. That should get you going.

Timing the Auction

This is also very important. Always pick a time to start and end the auction when people are usually online. If you know that your market is in North America, don’t go setting an ending time for Europeans. Everybody will be asleep and you’ll have a flop on your hands! Remember that you want to create a bidding war, but that it can’t possibly happen if no one is awake to place a bid.
If your market is larger and targets more countries, try to keep the bidding period open for longer, that will leave more chances for people to see it and consider pressing that buy button.

Start Low with the Reserve Price

People think that, by placing the reserve price higher, they will get more money in the end. Truth is that the lower you set it, the more buyers will be interested in your reborns for sale and, hence, you will get higher competition and price. Why? Because when people see that they could make a bargain if they won your auction, they WILL want a piece of the action. Believe me. And once they start bidding, they will keep on bidding until they win because they will feel invested in the auction. That’s pure human nature at work here.

Include Information about Return Policy, Insurance and Shipping

Just because you are a reborn artist starting out, it does not mean that you cannot give a return policy or insurance. You don’t have to use the formal phrases, making it sound too tight, but you could just add that should the buyer feel unhappy with his/her purchase, then they can return it for a full refund provided they do so within 30 days of receiving their reborns for sale.