Step 8: Painting the Capillaries

Once the crevices are painted and before you begin adding the veins, you need to create the capillaries on the baby’s face and elsewhere. This is what separates cheap reborn baby dolls from babies that will look truly realistic. While many reborners tend to skip out on this step, it’s a necessary requirement if you want the best result you could get, especially for preemies and just born.

The Supplies You Will Need

Once again, before we begin, let’s check that we have all we need to take care of the job at hand:

  • Mop brushes, 3/4 inches thick + half inch
  • Mixing tray or bowl
  • Cosmetic wedges
  • Paper towel
  • Genesis Heat paints: red and ultramarine blue
  • Odorless Thinners

Preparing the Paint Mix

Step 8: Painting the Capillaries Preparing for the capillaries is different from preparing for layer coats. First of all, you want to take a good amount of odorless thinner in a mixing tray. Dip the mixing mop brush in the thinner and remove excess thinner from the brush. This enables the brush to hold larger amount of paint. Next, use the brush to take a good amount of Genesis red paint out. Mix it back into the thinner solution in the tray. Keep doing this until you get a deep red color.

Then mix in a little bit of ultramarine blue so that the mixture takes on the complexion of red blood. Do not add too much otherwise it will give a bruised red color. To test out the consistency, drip out excessive color from the mixing brush and apply a streak on a paper towel. If you feel satisfied with the color texture, then take a good amount of paint in the mixing brush and, using your mini mop brush, soak a little bit of the color from it. Use the baby head’s backside top to dab a little bit for testing. The paint should not spread out, rather it should stick to the surface and leave paint marks. If the paint marks are not visible, then you need to thicken the paint mixture out using more red and ultramarine blue. Be careful not to use excess paint, otherwise the paint marks left on your reborn baby dolls will be too much.

Applying the Paint for Capillaries

OK, so you got your paint mix ready? So, the first thing you want to do is to understand where to apply the capillaries. Babies tend to have capillaries randomly distributed over the forehead, cheeks, under the eyes and the chin. This is where you will be using the mini mop brush to randomly dab at the doll surface so as to leave paint marks. Try not to overdo this process or else the baby will look as if he had a sunburn. Apply a few dabs and then use a cosmetic wedge to smudge the marks a little bit. Only apply the cosmetic wedge ever so slightly and only a couple of times or else the marks will blend into the doll surface, causing it to go red all over.

For under the eyes, use sparse paint marks by spreading out your mini mop smudges. Reduce the dabs as you get closer to the cheeks and nose area. Then, once again, use the cosmetic wedge on the surface, though only a couple of times. Remember that you should be able to see the paint marks but it should not be too red.

As a final note to this step, know that slightly twisting the brush when doing the capillaries will ensure that they remain random. This is a good way to achieve a good natural looking finish. Also, do not add capillaries above the eye lids as this looks unnatural. Babies tend to have randomly distributed capillaries, so doing them on only one side of the cheap reborn baby dolls is a good way to make them look realistic.