Step 10: Painting the Nails

Now that you have applied the base paint and additional layers with veins and capillaries, the doll kit will already resemble a real baby but there are some minor aspects that still need to be addressed. One important part in making real life dolls is the nails. Painting nails might seem innocuous enough but it requires more preparation and better care than what you might first think.

What You Will Need

  • White and flesh tone colors
  • Distilled water
  • Varnish
  • Mixing bowl
  • Fine point brush (slightly thicker than the pin point brush used for veining and creases) + pointed brush (same as that used for veining)
  • Toothpicks

Preparing the Paint Mix

For this paint mix, you should aim at using both white and flesh tones so that the resultant nail color does not match your real life dolls’ body tone but that it does not blatantly stand out either. Hence, what you get is a color that is slightly glossier but still resembles some of the skin tone. You will be aiming for a creamy pale white kind of mixture. Again, you can use either Genesis heat paints or air dry paints for this step. Just remember that with GHP, you will have to heat it once more in the oven, so you will have to paint the final layer, add the lip paint and other fine touches before heating it. This gives the best result rather than curing the paint at each step.

For this paint mix, you only need a few drops of distilled water as the mixture should be fairly thick, much like nail polish. So, first mix in a bit of flesh tone paint (about half the amount of water used), then add in a tiny amount of white. The result should be a creamy white thick mixture. You can add in more water or paint as you feel is appropriate and then, once you are satisfied, just add some varnish so that the paint sticks to the nails.

Applying the Nail Paint to Your Real Life Dolls

How to Make Real Life Dolls Step 10: Painting the Nails Once you have prepared the nail paint mix, take a bristled pointed brush and soak some of the paint in. Dab out excess paint as you want only a tiny amount to be on the brush head. Then, carefully apply a fine line to the nail of the doll’s finger. When you do this, take care not to touch the surrounding vinyl and try not to extend the paint too far across the nail surface. It should be just enough to be evident to the naked eye but not too much to look unrealistic. Then, to ensure that a proper line appears demarcating the white nail head from the rest of the body colored nail, use a toothpick and slowly scrap off excess nail that is exceeding your intended nail line.

Making Moons

If you want to create moons at the nail base, then use the same pointed bristle brush and remove as much paint from it as possible, keeping a fraction of it back. Then, apply this paint to the nail base in such a manner as to make it appear transparent over the nail surface. Keep brushing it back and forth, trying to keep it as small as possible. Just ensure that it does not end up having a straight demarcating line like the nail head does because you want it to look natural and in a perfect moon shape.

If you want a last tip, when you’re making moons and nails, you can either choose for the paint to dry and then add in additional layers (so as to make it more visible) or you can do it while applying the first coat. Either way, work on all the nails at once and try to give all of them the same treatment. So, if you do a second layer on one of the nails, then give the other nails a second layer too, to avoid clear differences in color.

Once you have created the nails and moons for your real life dolls, it is time to make the nails shine like a sun. For this, just apply a layer of gloss over the nails and let it dry. Easy as pie.