Step 11: Painting the Lips

With the nails done, there are only a couple of things left to do to make your reborn doll perfect. The lips and the hair will complete your newborn baby dolls, but painting the lips is not as easy as it sounds. Just as nails needed special attention in demarcating the lines and giving the moons a realistic appeal, the lips too require a thorough treatment.

Supplies List

Get the following:

  • Thinner medium
  • Genesis/Nail/Blush/Lip premixed color from “Bountiful Baby” + Genesis Flesh 08
  • Dental pick
  • Cat’s tongue brush
  • Paper glaze

Preparing the Paint Mix

To prepare your paint mixture for the lips of your newborn baby dolls, take a good amount of thinning medium in a mixing bowl and mix it well. Then, for color, add in some Genesis premix while making sure that you add only 1 part of the paint for every 15 parts of the thinning medium. Then, mix this well together such that there are no more lumps in it. Now, this paint mixture can be directly applied to the baby’s lips but it will give a vibrant pinkish red color that is mostly seen on Asian and Ethnic babies.

For Caucasian babies, you should add in some Genesis flesh 08 to a mineral spirit solution. The blonder or lighter the hair color of the baby, the lighter the lip’s pinkish nature should be. This solution should be very diluted such that the resultant color is that of a pale creamy white. Now, drop only one fourth of a teaspoon into the premix paint for the lips. This will dilute the reddish tinge a bit, giving it a paler lip color. Now, mix this well and you are ready to start applying the paint coats. Remember to keep mixing after regular intervals as the paint tends to settle down if left on its own.

Applying the Paint

How to Make Newborn Baby Dolls Step 11: Painting the Lips When you’re dealing with the lips, it’s best to use a cat’s tongue paintbrush as this will not spread the paint too much, but it will also not concentrate it in the center. Take just a tiny amount of the paint mixture on the tip of the paint brush and wipe off the excess before painting. Start the lips with very fine and even strokes. The first layer alone should only have a shimmer of the color. It should not complete the lip’s final color. When done with the first layer, bake the head in an oven to set the Genesis paint permanently onto your doll’s lip. As usual, set the oven to 265° F and bake for about 8 minutes. You can bake the doll at once after you are completely satisfied with the final coat, but baking tends to change the colors a bit. So, without sufficient experience, you really won’t be able to predict just how each layer will change after it’s been through the heat.

Now, keep repeating the last step over and over again until the newborn baby dolls lip color suits you. Remember to be careful not to accidentally push the paint off the lip onto the surrounding vinyl. Unlike other areas, do not use a cosmetic smudge to dampen and spread the paint.
On average, you should require about 5 layers of paint to get the job done but, sometimes, you may find that the lips mismatch with the final hair color and so you can add in another couple of layers so as to make it look realistic.

Tip: Do not try to complete the lip painting in one or two layers. This will give an uneven glaze and shine to the lips, making it look rather odd.