Choosing the Right Name for Your Real Baby Doll

You just finished putting the last touch on your reborn doll and it is now perfect. You look at it, lying peacefully on your workbench, with its mischievous eyes and cute little hands. Mixed feelings of pride and sadness fill you up as you realize that: you’re barely finished that it’s almost time for you two to say goodbye. But before you do, and find a new mother to adopt your real baby doll, there’s one last thing you need to take care of: finding the name that best fits her/him.

Sources of Inspiration

Choosing the Right Name for Your Real Baby Doll If it’s a custom order (an ooak doll) that you’ve just completed, chances are that your choice is already all set. More often than not, the person who placed the order and for whom you will create the doll will already have a name in mind. Be it of an existing child of hers or another name that bears meaning to her..
But in the case you’re making the reborn baby for no one in particular – if the pleasure of seeing her come to life before your very eyes – you will need to decide on a name.

To help you solve that puzzle and avoid you getting a headache over it, here’s a list of different places where to look for inspiration.

Popular Names

First of all, the easiest and most common way to tackle the “name” problem is simply to turn yourself to “proven”, popular names. Those are names that have been with us for centuries and which have withstood the test of time. Sarah, Charles, William, Emma, Hilary are such names.

Trendy Names

Another way to tackle this problem is simply to go with the flow and choose a name that’s in the trends. This could be seen as the opposite to the first idea we just discussed. Here, there’s no room for a James, an Abigail or a Gary; you will want a name with a strong personality and originality.

One option would be to honor your home town by going for the name of your city or State. Brooklyn and Texas might fit the bill. Another alternative would be to look into fruits, with names like Apple or Cherry. One trick that I particularly like is to “go reverse” and use a last name in place of a first name. Nolan and Parker would be nice examples of that technique.

Pop Culture

Choosing the Right Name for Your Real Baby Doll Talking with other reborn artists, I’ve come to the conclusion that many reborners like to name their dolls after characters from their favorite shows. Personally, I’m a big fan of The Young & The Restless, so many of my reborns inherited from the huge cast of that great soap opera. Victor, Jack, Brad… here are some names I’ve used for my baby boys in the past.

Of course, if you’re rather the movie type or prefer to read novels, you can also draw inspiration from those. Whether it be Mary Higgins Clark stories or the whole Disney cartoons collection, no source is to be neglected.

Your Beliefs

Sometimes, the very best solution is still, if you’re a person of faith, to turn to the holy book. In its pages, you should find what you’re looking for to name your real baby doll. Open your bible to any page and, there, you’ll have good ideas just waiting for you to pick them up. From the twelve apostles to the different prophets, but also biblical figures such as David, Adam, Saul, or simply Mary.

Last Considerations

Whatever of the aforementioned categories you choose to base yourself on, it’s always good to remember that most names have a meaning. From Sophie (wisdom) to Ethan (strong), they can all add another layer of depth to your reborns. Just think of what you would want your baby doll to represent.

With that being said, if despite all these tips you still can’t decide on a name that appeals to you, you can always get some more help. There are a number of baby name generators online that can do that for you by giving you suggestions and ideas. One of my favorites can be found on this site:

This is it. I hope this short article was of some help for you all. If you want to share the name of your last real baby doll, you can always drop me a line via the Contact form.