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Market Your Realistic Baby Dolls with Facebook

You’ve been devoting weeks, months, if not years to developing your reborning skills… You’ve learned all about rooting mohair, painting every part of your reborn and making it look as living as the real thing. You’re now ready to start selling your creations, but there’s a glitch. How do you go about finding buyers? Do … Continue reading

Promote Your Reborn Nursery with a Blog

If you’ve been reborning for any length of time, you must be aware that, even though creating the baby dolls is the fun (although tedious at times) part, this shouldn’t represent your only task. Stopping right when you’re finished with one doll to start working on another will not do you any good. You can’t … Continue reading

Reborn Photography: Preparing Your Baby Dolls for Sale

Once you are all done painting and assembling your reborn doll, it’s time to put it out on the market. After all, what good is it to make reborn dolls if it is to let them sit in your hobby racks? You most probably want your creation to be adopted by a parent who will … Continue reading

Learn How to Better Market Reborns for Sale

Every day, eBay witnesses the sale of many reborn dolls and, yet, most reborn artists find it hard to get their products to sell. The reason is simple: not everyone is a born marketer or knows exactly what it takes to promote products on eBay or elsewhere. Everyone believes that simply landing up on the … Continue reading