Before You Buy Real Looking Baby Dolls

If you haven’t already tried purchasing a baby doll, you might think that it is easy. Simply look at the cuddly and cute faces and grab one that touches your soul, right? Well, if that would be correct to a certain extent, there are plenty of other things that you have to consider before you can decide on the real looking baby dolls that would be best for your collection. Whether you are searching for the perfect gift to your child or simply want to grow your existing collection, this guide will give you the whole rundown on things to consider prior to buying a new baby doll.

Characteristics of Real Looking Baby Dolls

Understand the Difference between Reborn and Realistic Dolls

Reborn DollMany people believe that real looking dolls are the same as reborn dolls. The truth is that reborn dolls are actually commercially made dolls that have been taken apart, reassembled and worked upon to increase their resemblance with real life babies. On the other hand, realistic dolls are mass manufactured by leading doll makers in the world. Moreover, the cost of a reborn doll will be at least three times that of a realistic doll that has no reborn artistry attached to it.

Find Out Limited Edition Dolls

Not all dolls are created equal when it comes to edition. For collectors, this is of the utmost importance. Hence, before purchasing a doll first or second hand, find out how many were distributed and whether they were part of a limited edition collection or not. There are many popular baby dolls around today from the Middleton Artist collection that are extremely hard to get. Your target is to find such dolls. No use in wasting your time, going after dolls that were made by the thousands and with no real attention to quality.

Find Out the Weight of the Doll

For those who are purchasing such real looking baby dolls for children or people from the third age, weight does count. Smaller kids and old people alike cannot carry the heavy burden of larger, weightier dolls. Huggums by Madame Alexander, in this case, would be a perfect fit for them since the weight is minimal and the size is not that large. Another good choice would be Lee Middleton’s Treasured Child, for the same reasons.
For really young kids or toddlers, try the Gund production, My First Baby. These are light and very small dolls that are even child safe.

Can the Doll Withstand Play Time?

Before You Buy Real Looking Baby Dolls Kids who are very young will not understand the care and attention that some sophisticated realistic baby dolls require. That’s why the Artist Series from Lee Middleton or the Adora Baby are not the perfect pick for them. Those dolls are made with very soft bodies and feature vinyl legs and arms that can easily come off with vigorous play. Search for baby dolls that are specifically designed for play like those by Lee Middleton, Treasured Children. Those are washable and durable, with stronger limbs that hold poses even under pressure. For older children, you can purchase more delicate dolls, since they will recognize the importance of maintaining them.

Can You Find the Outfits Your Doll Requires?

Just owning a doll is great, but it could be even better if you could dress it up, right? When comes sleep time, your child should be able to change it into its night clothes and, during the day, fit it out with plenty of different uniforms. These clothes may be custom made, but it can be a real time saver to purchase real looking baby dolls that already come with plenty of extra accessories. Some of the manufacturers, such as Madame Alexander dolls, have limited outfits, while those like Adora and Lee Middleton come with full wardrobes. Remember that, while this is not an important consideration, it is always beneficial to purchase ready-made outfits.

Find Out the Hair Type

This is something that is collector dependent. Some people love to have realistic looking and feeling hair, hence prefer wispy sparse wigs on their dolls. Others find that thicker hair sets are more pleasing on the eye and can be used as part of playtime with kids. Kids can groom the doll and also tie up a pony tail if the hair is thick and voluminous. For those reasons, check out the dolls before thinking of purchasing them. If they are wearing a cap or bonnet, then take it off and check the hair.

Dimensions of the Doll

The larger the doll, the more clothing you can put on it and the more choice you will have. A real size doll should be able to wear clothes that babies would normally use. Smaller dolls may be portable but they will require custom dresses. For collectors owning dolls in varying sizes and dimensions, it could be a good idea to stick to the same sizes and not vary too much. These considerations are vital before purchasing new real looking baby dolls. Check whether you already have similar sized dolls to trade outfits with.

How Much Will It Cost?

Before You Buy Real Looking Baby Dolls Baby doll prices vary sharply, depending on the brand name, year of manufacture and edition. Moreover, it depends greatly on the seller you purchase it from. Some inexpensive dolls with decal-eyes and vinyl finish are found at Toys R Us for just $20. Then, there are expensive dolls from Madame Alexander for $50 or higher. But true realistic dolls of quality, like those from Adora Babies and Treasured Children, can cost you a whopping $200. All these brands are well known and respected, but the price difference is so huge because of the build. Now, if you want real looking baby dolls for your child, then stick with the Toys R Us ones; that should be enough. Otherwise, if you feel like treating yourself, try out the beautiful dolls from renowned brands.

Are the Dolls Reborn?

If you are an amateur reborn artist or wish to learn the craft, then you may have to ask the manufacturer if the particular doll you are interested in can be “reborn”. This means whether the hairs can be rewigged, the face painted on and so forth. Some brands that are already well renowned for their ability to be reborn are Emily from Ashton Drake and Berengeur Dolls.

Does Brand Really Matter?

Well, after reading through this guide, you must have realized that brands matter only to a certain extent. For those who are looking to offer a present to their child, brand doesn’t carry that much weight. For others, though, such as reborn artists and collectors, brand can matter a lot and, sometimes even, become the most important element in your decision to buy real looking baby dolls.