Becoming a Mother with Reborn Babies for Adoption

For most women, dolls have been an integral part of their life from the very start. It does not matter whether one is from an impoverished background or from a rich family, it does not matter the culture or race, every girl loves to play with dolls in their childhood. Boys love their action figures and cars, while girls take care of dolls. Basically, dolls are a symbol of care and cuddle. They are to be enjoyed. Today, dolls are no longer the sole privilege of young girls as new models for adults are now starting to appear. These dolls are called reborn dolls and they are becoming a craze with grown up women who want nothing more than reborn babies for adoption.

What Are Reborn Babies?

Becoming a Mother with Reborn Babies for Adoption Reborn babies are realistic looking human babies that feel and weigh exactly like real infants do. Some even go as far as to reproduce breathing and heartbeats patterns. These dolls were first created by hobbyists in the United States, when someone realized that readymade dolls could be refurbished with realistic skin and crated into real life babies. Today, the hobby has become popular worldwide and there are plenty of artists actively participating in this crafting hobby.

In the beginning, reborn babies for adoption were a source for grieving mothers, ones who had lost their child or who were suffering from depression of missing their adult kids. Nowadays, women from all walks of life and all age groups are warming up to the idea of welcoming these baby dolls into their home.

Lynn Katsaris, a famous reborn artist who has been in the trade since 1990 has made over 1000 dolls for collectors and artists from around the globe. She says that these dolls fill up a missing part in our hearts.

Real Life Examples of Reborn Adoptions

Take the case of Fran Sullivan for example. This 62 year old woman from Florida does not have children of her own but she has an impressive collection of over 700 dolls, many of which were reborn babies for adoption. According to her, she has never really grown out of her fondness for dolls. Just as she would talk to her inanimate babies in her childhood, she now takes care of reborn dolls in her later years. She says that each new doll that walks into her life is a bundle of joy for her. She loves showing off her collection to neighbors and can’t help feeling proud when someone calls her babies beautiful.

Becoming a Mother with Reborn Babies for Adoption Monica Walsh, on the other hand, has a little girl of her own, but she is also an avid collector of reborn dolls. A resident of New York, this 41 year old lady may have a daughter but she loves taking care of her dolls as if they too were her daughters. Even though she says that her dolls could never replace the life of her daughter, whom she loves above all, she still enjoys taking out her dolls on strolls, dressing them up, and even letting her daughter carry them around for her. She even fastens them into an infant seat when travelling into town. Her husband too loves these dolls and likes to cuddle them a lot. Collecting and adopting these reborn dolls is an activity that she says she can never get tired of.

Urban Legends around Reborn Babies for Adoption

It is said that these reborn babies for adoption are so real that policemen in Australia and the US have tried to rescue them from cars by breaking windows. The fear of a baby dying under their watch forces them to do such things only to find out that the babies were lifeless and just real looking reborn dolls. Whether such claims are true or not is open to speculation, however a BBC documentary did shed light on the adoption of reborn babies in “My Fake Baby”.