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Things to Know Before Purchasing Reborn Dolls for Sale

Reborn dolls are realistic looking dolls which can go as far as to mimic real heartbeat, squishy tummies, spinal backbone and the texture/feel of real skin. Every one of the reborn dolls for sale that you’ll find is handmade and repainted several times to add hair, veins and other details that will make it look even more real. These are created by artists at home and predominantly sold online.

The Rise In Popularity of Reborn Dolls

Things to Know Before Purchasing Reborn Dolls For SaleFor the past decade or so, the only source for reborn dolls has been the internet. In the previous five years alone, eBay reported a tremendous increase in demand for these real life baby replicas. What once sold for just over $200 retails today at around $500 or even more! The more the baby looks like the real thing, the higher its finishing or quality – the pricier it will be.

Unlike any other doll making community, the reborners’ community (as these artists like to be called) has grown in a span of just 7 to 8 years. Nevertheless, the possibility of being duped into purchasing a low quality doll online has continued to rise. If you are not careful and do not perform adequate research before you go out looking for reborn dolls for sale, then chances are that you will end up paying way too much for the doll or buying from a dishonest seller.

The frequency of non-legit bids online for reborn dolls has steadily risen over the past few years. Today, many reborners tend to use family and friends to place initial high bids that push the asking price on these babies online. As a buyer, it is your prerogative to ensure that you learn how to discriminate between listings that are genuine and those that are rigged. For example, if a doll was listed just 24 hours ago and its price has already climbed to the $1,000’s, then there is a very good chance that it is being receiving bids that are even more fake than the dolls they’re advertising. Do not fall prey to such seller tactics. Always know that there are plenty of other reborn babies on the net to purchase.

Reborn Dolls for Sale Prerequisites

How to Find a Good Quality Reborner?

Things to Know Before Purchasing Reborn Dolls For SaleWhether you are an avid collector of reborner artwork or you simply want to own or offer a reborn doll, here is what you can do to ensure that you get the best quality at the best possible price.

One: Research and Shortlist the Sculpts


First, you need to research the different kinds of reborner sculpts. The “sculpts” are the kind of make or artistry involved in creating these look alike baby dolls. Use the internet, search and read on Google to learn more about each sculpt before you select a few. Then search for these sculpts on seller sites such as eBay and Amazon. Most reborners tend to use the sculpt name at the beginning of their product name, also adding it to their description.

Two: Find Trustworthy Sellers


After you’ve located all possible reborner artworks, it is time to learn about the artist or seller. You can do this be checking out each seller’s reviews, scores or feedbacks. Read what every buyer has written about his or her experience with the seller. Also, do not forget to read replies from the seller to buyer feedbacks. This will give you a good idea about the seriousness of a seller and whether he or she is the actual artist or just a third-man.

Three: Check That The Pictures Are Clear


Many people today are scammed into purchasing reborn dolls for sale that look perfect in the pictures, only to find that they were sold below average replicas that look very flimsy in real life. If the seller does not post high quality pictures, then there is a good chance that he’s hiding something. You should be able to see all the details clearly. Everything from the toes, hair, to small skin blemishes should be distinctly visible.
In a high quality picture, you will be able to find out whether the artist has used high quality paint, if he has utilized 42 or 43 gauge needles and if the hair is properly set into the scalp. These things matter when you are trying to get the best reborn dolls for sale.

Four: Make Quality Checks


The penultimate step before making payment queries and settling on a particular doll is to make stringent quality checks. Here are a few things you can check out or ask about to the artist.

  • What kind of body is the doll made from? Most people argue that suede is best, as it is extra durable and soft with more stitches on the seams
  • What Material is the doll made from? The weighting material used must always be of the highest quality. Find out if the doll is packed using silicone pellets or baby tummy fat. This may be a matter of preference but it never hurts to ask
  • Does the baby have full joints for complete movement or does it show restricted movement? Fuller movement will always cost you more as it requires a high degree of skill


Five: Clear All Your Doubts


Things to Know Before Purchasing Reborn Dolls For SaleMost people looking for reborn dolls for sale tend to shy away from this step, therefore failing to find the doll that best suits their needs. Ask for extra photographs if you cannot see the baby clearly. Request for payment structure and shipping charges before placing bids, and never feel oppressed or hassled by a seller because he or she is in a hurry to sell off their product to you. Take your time and keep asking for clarification until you’re convinced you will a good buy.

Six: Make Payment Or Place Your Bid


When entering an online auction for reborn dolls, always place your highest bid towards the end of the bidding period. This increases your chances of winning and also gives you ample time to follow through with all previously mentioned steps. If it is a direct sale, then make the payment promptly and request the seller to dispatch the doll to your house address.

Don’t Worry if You Didn’t Win the Auction


Always remember that there are other superb reborn dolls for sale just round the corner. Today, with so many artists enjoying this trade, you should not find it hard to locate a heartwarming doll every other day. Hence, try not to take a loss in a bidding auction too seriously. Keep searching and researching on various reborn dolls for sale, all the while, waiting patiently to make a killer purchase. If there is one thing that you should take out of this buyer’s guide on how to purchase quality reborner artwork, it is: “Always research before you buy!”

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